Fishers, Indiana

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Fishers, Indiana

Fishers, Indiana

Location of Fishers Indiana

The town of Fishers, Indiana can be found in Hamilton County, Indiana. Indianapolis is approximately 15 miles to the southwest of Fishers, making it the most populous metropolis in close proximity to the town.

The Geist Reservoir is a popular destination in the city of Fishers and offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including fishing and water skiing. The reservoir can be found about 5 miles (or 8 kilometers) to the south of the shopping center at Hamilton Town Center and the central business district of Fishers.

There are more than a dozen parks and natural preserves in the city of Fishers. More than 85 miles of trail and 137 kilometers of greenway are open to the public as part of the Fishers Trail & Greenway System.

Trails, natural spaces, and two playground areas are some of the amenities that can be found in Cyntheanne Park. The park also features five multipurpose sporting fields. Billericay Park was given its name in honor of Billericay, which is located in Essex, England and is the town's twin. Hoosier Woods is a modest-sized wooded area. The size of Hamilton Proper Park is 19.7 hectares or 7.7 acres.

Young people in the city of Fishers have assumed leadership roles in a variety of civic endeavors, including the education of elementary school kids about the environment, the drafting of a resolution on climate change for the city council, and recycling initiatives.

Transportation in Fishers Indiana

Interstate 69 runs across the middle of Fishers. There are currently four exits off of the highway that lead into the city. Fishers is located 16 miles (26 km) northeast of downtown Indianapolis and 5 miles (8 km) from the Interstate 465 loop, which connects Interstate 69 with Interstate 65, which runs northwest to Chicago and southward to Louisville; Interstate 70, which runs east to Columbus and southwest to St. Louis; and Interstate 74, which runs northwest towards Danville and southeast towards Cincinnati. In addition, Fishers is only 5 miles (8 km) from the Interstate 70 loop, which runs east to Columbus and southwest to St. Louis. Fishers is immediately connected to a number of other cities and towns in Indiana by State Route 37, which passes directly through the city.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport is located in Fishers, and it serves the general aviation community (KUMP). A distance of approximately 48 kilometers (30 miles) separates Fishers and the Indianapolis International Airport, which is situated on the opposite side of Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Regional Transportation Authority (INDYGO) does not offer direct bus service to Fishers. The first phase of the Indianapolis mass transportation plan includes Fishers as a feature. This phase will include a light rail system that will run from downtown Indianapolis to Noblesville, passing through Fishers along the way.

The majority of Fishers' roadways are fairly recent constructions and are well-maintained. In 2006, the 116th Street was honored with the Main Street Award from the American Concrete Pavement Association. Roundabouts will be installed in place of several of the town's four-way stops in the near future.

The town of Fishers made the announcement on April 10, 2012, that it would be investing $20 million in the "Drive Fishers" initiative for the year 2012. This initiative will concentrate its efforts on parts of Fishers that have a history of high traffic volume, such as 96th Street and Allisonville Road, State Road 37, and Fall Creek Road in Geist.

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Top Businesses in Fishers, Indiana

1. Another Broken Egg Cafe

Address: 8626 E 116th St #175, Fishers, IN 46038, United States


Phone number: +13175701002

2. The Escape Room Fishers

Address: 8890 E 116th St #210, Fishers, IN 46038, United States


Phone number: +13179866542

3. Grin Dentistry

Address: 10208 Lantern Rd, Fishers, IN 46037, United States


Phone number: +13175984746

4. The Lash Lounge Fishers – Downtown

Address: 8395 E 116th St Ste. 153, Fishers, IN 46038, United States


Phone number: +13175274544

5. Models Massage

Address: 7227 Fishers Landing Dr Suite 100, Fishers, IN 46038, United States


Phone number: +13173622850

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FAQ About Fishers Indiana

Is Fisher Indiana a good place to live?

If you're looking for a new place to live, there are many things to consider before you make a decision. You'll want to know about schools, entertainment options, and the safety of the neighborhood. If you're in the market for a new place to live, consider moving to Fishers, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. Creme de la Creme of Fishers offers a list of reasons to consider living in the area.

What is the crime rate in Fishers Indiana?

Although it is a growing city, crime rates in Fishers are still very low. In fact, the city has been named one of the safest in Indiana. Its average income is $108,000, and the poverty level is near zero. Despite this low crime rate, there are still many things that you need to beaware of, including keeping your car locked.

What is Fishers Indiana known for?

There are plenty of things to do in the city of Fishers, Indiana. If you love outdoor activities, there are many parks and recreation facilities. The town is home to Geist Reservoir, which offers fishing and water skiing. This lake is just a few miles south of the Hamilton Town Center and about eight kilometers from downtown Fishers.

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